Have a beautiful photo that you think would look better as an artwork?

There are two ways I can do it for you. Digitally and using Traditional artwork techniques (e.g. acrylic painting, pencil rendering etc)

Digital Artworks

Digital medium is a much cheaper way of doing it and you can receive the artwork much faster as compared to the traditional artwork techniques. Please check the images below to see the kind of result you can expect to achieve from digital painting. There are a few styles I can do it in as listed below and you can choose when sending your image.

[1] Example prices are listed next to each type of digital artwork conversion style to give you an idea. I will send you a quote for actual conversion of your photo to artwork once I have seen the photo.
[2] Please note that these prices do not include printing. If you would like to get it printed I can give you price on application as it will depend on many factors e.g. size, finish etc. that you need.
[3] Also if you are an international customer, I would recommend you get it printed somewhere close to your delivery address due to the high shipping costs related to bulky items.

If printing is not required, I can get this artwork to you within two weeks.

Digital Water Colour Rendering Example

water colour original photo
Original Photo
water colour digital rendering
Digital Water Colour Rendering

Digital Oil Colour Rendering Example

original photo of digital oil colour rendering
Original Photo
oil colour digital rendering
Digital Oil Colour Rendering

Traditional Artworks

My traditional artwork style is more realistic which you can see in my acrylic painting gallery. Mediums of traditional art I can offer are acrylic colours on linen canvas or pencil renderings on paper (black & white or colour). If you like my style of art and are happy with the available options, I would like to hear from you.

I cannot price the artwork or give an example price till I have seen the image you would like to convert to a painting. This method is more time and skill consuming hence expect much higher costs. Depeding on your requirements and the complexity of your photo it can take me over a month to get your artwork ready.

Other Details

What file formats are acceptable?

Please make sure that the file format is filename.jpg, filename.jpeg, filename.tiff, filename.JPG, filename.JPEG or filename.TIFF

What size should the file be?

Your photo size should not exceed 5000Kb or 5Mb size. 

How to name the photos?

If possible, please rename your photos with your FirstnameLastname.jpg  

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